Dope Millionaire Visionaries

A community comprised of the dopest venture capitalists, LPs, founders, fans, and artists

The fastest growing tech platforms today only benefit the top 1% of humanity. This is a problem. "Dope Millionaire Visionaries" is a community of founders, creatives, LPs, and venture capitalists that are committed to making a positive impact of the world for the good of all of humankind.

And get a glimpse into the future of community ownership and deeper creative connections

DMV: Dope Millionaire Visionaries (Manifesto)

DMV is an episodic visual album about a venture capitalist that has an existential crisis and starts his own fund. It uses hip hop to move the story forward and real VCs and tech founders contribute verses and beats. DMV's VC protagonist (Roy/ SPIDR) used to work at the most successful venture firm of all time. The firm came to prominence via their "Seven Deadly Sins" thesis, and the team of 7, effectively bet on the most evil traits of humankind, earning unprecedented returns in the technology industry. Roy is visited by Jesus and his sidekick Yor one day and is condemned to hell unless he starts betting on the good of humankind. With that, Roy leaves his firm and starts his own fund: "Dope Millionaire Visionaries." But can Roy still save his soul?

Watch Season 1 of The Manifesto From The Beginning Here

Before Roy disappeared he minted a limited amount of horcruxes on the blockchain as NFTs. These NFTs together provide clues to his latest investment thesis, and an opportunity to buy into his BLCK UNICRN fund comprised of the most valuable tech unicorns in the Web3 era. Listen to his "27 Club Podcast" and music portfolio, if you dare, and solve the mystery of the BLCK UNICRN!:

"VIRTUAL WORLDS": Check out Roy's/SPIDR's virtual horcrux NFT Gallery here: 1. Go to this link: 2. Log in to this world as an avatar.  3. Once you're in, click on the map view and go to parcel -136, -56 (works like a coordinate grid, so to the left and down).  4. Then you'll see Roy's virtual NFT gallery! (show demo video of decentraland world)

Roy's/SPIDR's Vision For Music Tech: The Problem:

Web2 music artists have to use a myriad of different platforms to connect with fans, which include: Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

The distribution of music has changed drastically over the past 60 years as we've gone from vinyl to cassette to CD to streaming, but the content and experiences themselves have not changed.

The album is a music format that was created in the 60s, and it's still the primary way fans experience an artist's catalog, alongside live shows

Artists don't own any of the music; Fans don't own any of the music

There's a big gap of creators whose problems are not being addressed; Somewhere between Tik Tok/ Instagram, Youtube, and Netflix

Hollywood is inefficient; $1 million is considered low budget

Not that much creative engagement between fan and creator; Most creator collaborations are shallow

The Solution (A Series of Experiments):

Web3 artists will follow an entirely new format to monetize and connect with fans via more immersive experiences enabled by crypto technology. Dope Millionaire Visionaries and BLCK UNICRN is the centralized platform, process, and infrastructure that music artists will follow in Web3

The Trilla is an episodic visual album; Kind of like Michael Jackson's "Thriller," but what if it kept going? (Immersive content built around music)

The Trilla prototype is called "DMV: Dope Millionaire Visionaries" and the target audience is founders and venture capitalists (100 true fans experiment)

Real creative collaboration with founders and venture capitalists (verses, beats, NFTs, etc.) (Deeper creative connections experiment)

Build virtual worlds around music content (virtual worlds experiment; virtual land rental maketplace)

Listen and watch to earn streaming platforms

VR/AR camera, virtual world building software, and headset to easily upload virtual worlds and immersive experiences to our platform

Build real life software based off of this content (brand diversification experiment)

Create communities of super fans who are invested and incentivized to help create and promote music content (social token experiment)

We're creating a tech ecosystem to ensure that 99% is addressed in tech and creating a community for the next 1000 BLCK UNICRNs (Capitalism/ Social Good Experiment)

Low risk and small upfront investment for high returns

Help us decode Roy's latest VC thesis and solve the mystery of the BLCK UNICRN! (Learn More About The "7 Deadly Sins Thesis" Here: Chastity?: Temperance?: Charity?: Diligence?: Patience?: Kindness?: Humility?:

27 CLUB MUSIC Portfolio:

Roadmap For The DMV DAO: Phase 1: Create a new age Web3 venture capitalist, founder, and creative community that invests in unicorns that benefit the 99%. Execute on a new thesis that is the antithesis of the "Seven Deadly Sins" thesis. Phase 2: Create more technological innovation by diversifying the tech industry. Phase 3: Develop 1000 BLCK UNICRNS!

Anti-Bigotry Software: Join us as we build the software solutions of the future

DAO Member Requirements: Must collaborate creatively! Creative Collaborations So Far (BLCK UNICRN NFT Streaming Platform; Every Trilla tied to an NFT): Aaron Samuels, Co-Founder of Blavity (Fire 16!):Check out the "Miracles" track here! Chris Lyons, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz! (Fire Beat!): Check out the track "Palm Beach" here! Taj Eldridge, Founder, VC INCLUDE (Fire verse!): Check out the Sand Hill Road track here! Cydni Williams, Growth at Eco (Fire verse): Check out the track "No Means Yes" here! Edward Gonzalez (Founder at Paypadz) (Fire Cameo): Check out the track "Mercedes Bent" here! More features to come!